Top 35 Search Agency Websites

Having just attended a meeting with a web designer where we discussed the redevelopment of the Leapfrogg website and blog, it got me thinking about the other websites and blogs of the wider search marketing community. What could we learn?, what features inspired us?, what did we like? and what did we hate?

Using the 2007 NMA Marketing Services Guide, I’ve briefly reviewed the websites of the 35 search agencies with the highest turnover (according to NMA, and undoubtedly encompassing click costs).

Here goes….

1. The Search Works:

Search Works

2. Latitude

3. Zed (website didn’t load)

4. Media Contacts

Media Contacts

5. 24/7 Real Media (UK)

24/7 Real Media (UK)

6. Steak Media

Steak Media

7. Bigmouthmedia


8. Netizen Digital

Netizen Digital

9. All Response Media

All Response Media

10. Equi-Media


11. iCrossing (Spannerworks)


12. Guava


13. Green Light

Green Light

14. Euston Digital

Euston Digital

15. Profero


16. Green Cathedral

Green Cathedral

17. DGM Searchlabs (Web Gravity)

DGM Searchlabs (Web Gravity)

18. Ambergreen


19. DBD Media

DBD Media

20. Sticky Eyes

Sticky Eyes

21. Sitelynx


22. Harvest Digital

Harvest Digital

23. Propellernet


24. Tamar


25. MediaCo (UK)

MediaCo (UK)

26. TBG London

TBG London

27. Neutralize (now part of Guava)

28. NetBooster


29. Touch Local

Touch Local

30. Netrank


31. Epiphany Solutions

Epiphany Solutions

32. Site Visibility

Site Visibility

33. Intelligent Online Marketing

Intelligent Online Marketing

34. AccuraCast


35. Position Focus

Position Focus

But have I missed something? a diamond in the rough perhaps? a site lurking in the shade? If you know of a good search agency website or would like to nominate your own search related site, simply post it in the comments and I’ll create another list underneath.

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