The ‘Froggers’ show off their volleyball skills…or lack of them!

On a warm and sunny evening on Brighton seafront, team ‘Frogger‘, led by team captain Christos, ‘the power’ Panayiotou, gave local rivals Expand a right good thrashing at every body’s favourite summer sport, Volleyball.

A strong wind made playing conditions difficult and the Froggers struggled to get hold of the game early on. Losing the first match was a blow but gave the Froggers much needed motivation to come out all guns blazing for games two and three.

A few ‘wipes’, ‘spikes’, ‘pancakes’ and ‘decoys’ later, Leapfrogg had taken the second game and were on the up. By now you could sense the confidence draining from their opponents.

So into game three and with a combination of pure grit, determination and very little actual skill, the Froggers managed to cross the line with room to spare.

As you may have gathered we know virtually nothing about this particular sport very much falling into the category of ‘Picnic volleyball’ players – ‘any volleyball game with people who don’t really know how to play volleyball’.

Still, much fun was had by all and with confidence high we welcome any local challengers to step up to the plate and show us how the game should be played!!

Check out the pictures below…

Wrong way Rosie!

Jo-Rosie confuses volleyball with Karate!

Up, up and away!

Textbook stuff!

A man clearly in love with his sport!

One of a few efforts that actually made it over the net!

The losers!


As we are able to turn our hand so easily to what appear to be very straightforward games, next week it’s Polo!!

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