The blog frogs…

In our wonderful Leapfrogg office as you know we all contribute regularly to the Froggblog.

The account managers have a unique reminder system in order to encourage us to keep on posting.

So I would like to introduce you to the blog frogs….

The system works like this:

A blog Frog will appear on an account managers desk a day after a post is due. After this one day gap, the account manager receives one blog frog on their desk. Then for every 2 days after the account manager gets another blog frog!

Once an account manager has produced a post which is added to the Froggblog they move on to the next account manager.

We have three blog frogs in total and those guys will just stare at you all day long until you post!

Currently I have the three little chappies in front of me so now I have posted they will be moved on to the next account manager.

Having a reminder system for our blog works really well for us, this ensures our content is updated regularly by different members of staff. It also helps us to share the workload of blogging and makes our jobs so much easier when we work together as a team.

If you have your own system let us know what it is?

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