Industry News – What are Leapfrogg reading this week? (9)

Each week we publish our favourite search marketing stories from around the web. So what has caught the ‘Froggers’ eyes this week?

Paid Search
Research and understand your target audience before you start your search term analysis. Too many companies jump straight in to research without properly understanding who they are targeting, what their motivations are, persona’s, etc. Do your homework first for better results!
More keyword advice in particular how to use the negative keyword tool.

Is Google about to acquire Digg in the relentless pursuit of online domination?

Get ready all you green bar junkies! Are you up or are you down? Google are about to update Page Rank (if you care!)
Google’s getting better at indexing flash. But what does it mean for SEO? Don’t crack up the champagne quite yet flash developers!

Google testing new interface with more search options

Social Media
Ever wanted to feature on your favourite blogs. It is getting easier to ‘guest blog’ with some of the industry’s highest profile bloggers opening up their doors to you and me!
What is the definition of ‘advanced SEO’?

And finally, we love Brighton because recently it’s people were reported to be the happiest in the UK. Now we are one of the few British coastal cities to be bucking the UK trend and prospering whereas the majority of others are struggling to come to terms with the 21st century. Brighton’s thriving new media industry has a huge role to play in making this city such an exciting city to work!

Until next week, happy reading!

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