Industry News – What are Leapfrogg reading this week? (7)

Sorry I am a little late in posting this week, and apologies for the complete omission of the Industry News last week! I was abducted by training aliens and then the dog ate my homework??!! Please enjoy this weeks and last weeks news all in one big fat wondeful hit!
PPC NEWS – Ever wanted a collection of Google AdWords success stories? Well here it is! Potentially very useful in the pitch stage, especially if we can find a similar industry case study. – Need to connect with health, wellbeing and fitness community? Well, the MSN content network may now be an avenue to look at. – Further evidence that dedicated and optimised PPC landing pages are a necessity and not a luxury. – Yahoo to offer ad-supported online games – Some really useful podcasts from social media, the technical bits of podcasting to the evolution of Yahoo – Google cross channel tracking has now been removed – A picture is worth a thousand words


Another experiment testing Google’s linking algorithms –

Google Keyword tool now reporting search volume in figures –

Excellent news article here on Black v White! –

Branding and company name in title tags –

Google Sandbox –

Google take on Flash! –

Interesting article covering analytics and ad planner –

Explanation of excess code and what to do with it –

ACCOUNT MANAGER NEWS – Possible update with PPC algorithm. Keep an eye out for increased minimum bids. (Note the comment by me)
r /> – The benefits of video for SME’s. (Reminds me of the article we did for Adventure Connections) – Does the second link pass anchor text to page rankings? This article tests the theory.

Interesting Interview with Vanessa Fox

Paid Search spend to overtake TV this year –

Google makes changes to hiring an SEO page –

Microsoft’s plan B for search – the semantic web –

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