Welcoming New Froggers

Hello Frogblog…now to introduce three new froggers!!!

Hi, my name is Sacha and I joined my fellow froggers here at Leapfrogg just over a month ago as the new SEM Trainee. For the past month I’ve managed to avoid having my picture taken :0) but knew the day would finally come to go ‘live’! Very scary, however, I’m sure that over time it will be as an enjoyable experience for me to write, as it is for you to read…

Along with the mayhem of donuts (National Donut Week), champagne (Rachel’s Birthday) and the move into our new offices (I have a lovely new computer) I have been working very hard getting to know the ins and outs and inner workings of Leapfrogg, our clients and the industry. Going forward I will be specialising in Paid Search and after doing a whole search term analysis by myself the other day I am really excited about seeing it put into action and finding out the results….keep tuned peeps!

Continuing this friendly blog introduction, I am Andy, the shiny new SEM Account Manager. I joined at the beginning of June with Jo-Rosie, taking our army of froggs to 15. I bring with me extensive agency based account management experience with a dash of internet based geekery.

It will be my job to help our lovely clients understand everything that is happening with their projects, pulling together all the work our excellent teams in SEO, PPC & Social Media have produced; and ultimately to help ensure the campaigns are as successful as possible.

That only leaves me to introduce myself then. I am Jo-Rosie (Frogger 15) and the Communications Officer for Leapfrogg. My weapon of choice is the written word and with it I am sharp, witty and well informed.

It is my job to write. And write I will – everything from web copy and press releases to related articles and even offline related content. My previous experience as a freelance journalist developed my creative style which was then whipped into shape by trained professionals during the completion of my qualification in journalism (which was accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists).

I also enjoy the challenge of PR campaigns for all our clients as well as for Leapfrogg. So if anyone has any suggestion for charity events or competitions or any press related enquiries for that matter – I’m your girl!

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