Search Tip of the Week (13)

This weeks tip is a list of things you should address every time you want to add a new page to a site that you want to drive visitors to.

This is only a top level list. You will need to research more into how each step is done.

1) Research the right words for the page. You need to pick terms that are relevant to the content of the page but are also popular searches.

2) Build the search terms into the page copy. Don’t over add just make it read well for your users.

3) Make sure the page is well linked to throughout the site so the search engines can find it and it is given internal link popularity.

4) Use the terms you are optimising the page for in the link text on your site navigation menu. This will increase the pages relevance to the terms in the eyes of the search engines.

5) Write relevant and engaging Meta Tags and Alt Attributes for the page.

6) Try and set up relevant external links to the page. Easier said than done!!

7) If you have a blog find an informative way to introduce the content on your blog to create interest.

8) If applicable create an online press release related to the new page.

9) Leave the page to gain position, don’t move it, change the URL’s or tweak the content too much!!

The above list is in no way all encompassing but should help your new content on the way to good visibility online.

Don’t forget to make sure the page is great usability wise as well!!!!!

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