Industry News – What are Leapfrogg reading this week? (5)

Grab a comfy seat, there are tonnes of interesting articles out there this week!

Google – Yahoo Collaboration Deal – Google to power many of Yahoo’s search ads – Yahoo, Google Collaborate on Search Ads in the US and Canada – Will the Google/Yahoo deal lead to increased pricing?

PPC Weekly News – Bounce rate – the most important PPC stat – Small Business PPC – 26 mistakes easily avoided – Landing page testing – how much can small/medium size websites copy with – Landing page load times now a feature in the Quality Score – NEW – Adcenter billing information – Useful for Account Managers Ever wondered what could happen if you fall prey to a phising email? Great blog about a “kidnapped account”


Google and Microsoft deals with Yahoo assessed –

How long will Google dominate search –

Quoted! our very own Mr Ben Potter –


Absolute Vs Relative linking –

Are Google sitemaps important for SEO? –

Two good articles about the benefits and importance of internal linking and how to do it right –

An interesting blog post about optimising for telephone numbers –

CONTENT – Great article about how we read on the web –


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