Google’s Friend Connect and the issue of moderation

Google’s Friend Connect, which allows site owners to quickly and easily add social gadgets to their sites, including comment / review functionality, image galleries and members list looks neat. After all… what better way to breath life into a static information site, than ask the readers and rather users, for their input?

As we’re all well aware, reviews and indeed any feedback from customers and users is worth its weight in gold. However, despite the ease of use of Friend Connect, my biggest concern (over and above how ugly it is: is that of moderation.

The video introduction said nothing about being able to delete posts… ban users or even moderating posts before they go live. It would only take a disgruntled customer with an OpenSocial ID to cause havoc!

Gaining traffic from the social network of your users is certainly attractive, particularly when membership to Friend Connect spaces appears in the users mini feed…

But I remain on the fence… I’m still watching and awaiting the release on Monday.. but I’m still on the fence.

Find out more about Google’s Friend Connect and let us know what you think… and whether you’ll be recommending or adding it to your website.

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