Film, edit & upload a video in less than 4 hours

Alley Video ShootImage by art.implausible via Flickr
Simon and I of the social media team here at Leapfrogg set ourselves a challenge, “to film, edit & upload a video in less than 4 hours”.

Our main reason for doing this was to demonstrate that video content:

1) isn’t difficult to produce
2) need not cost the earth
3) doesn’t need to take weeks to organise & complete.

What we used to create the video:

A break down of our video production time is:

  • Planning – 60 mins
  • Filming – 40mins
  • Sourcing music – 2 mins
  • Editing – 80 mins

Total: 182 minutes – around 3 hours from start to finish.

and here it is, hope you like it and please get those digital cameras out and start filming NOW!

Video content is vital to a website, especially with video creeping into the search listings, it is a useful way to differentiate your business & your website from the rest.

Video is fantastic for product reviews – interacting with customers – building communities – reaching the mass market, humanising corporate entities & getting links to your site!

The fact of the matter is, if you aren’t making a video now… you can bet your competitors are!

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PS: If you have made or want to join in the 4 hour challange let us know about it so we can all be happy video friends together email us at: [email protected]

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