Yahoo "Import" Feature Problems on Excel 07

As much as I have frustrations with Panama, the relatively new Search Marketing platform from Yahoo, I have found the “import” feature of great benefit. True, it did take a couple of days to get the hang of it, saving the file as Unicode Text with a .csv extension(?!?!) – but after that it was all plain sailing.

That was until I upgraded my computer to Office 2007! After that it all went blurry and fuzzy again, and nothing seemed to work. Even Yahoo’s official instructions on how to use the import tool seem to contradict itself!

Try and try and try as I could to use the tool, it was just not happening. I did some searches and found a thread on Apparently what you need to do is:
1. Save the file as Unicode (.txt)
2. Close down your Excel spreadsheet
3. Go back to its saved location and rename it with the .csv extension
4. Upload the file using the Import function

HOWEVER…this still did not work for me?

I understand that Office 07 is a relatively new package, but it seems crazy that the import function is incompatible with it.

So, if anyone from Yahoo reads this, please, please, please make the import process easier and compatible with all versions of excel.

I would be interested whether this has worked for anyone else?

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