Search Marketing Word of the Week (16)

Over the last few weeks our dear frogg has been estivating (a kind of hibernation – oohh aren’t we clever?!?). But after a long break he is back and raring to go with his regular word of the week post. In an attempt to cut through the jargon our frogg takes a common search engine marketing term and puts his spin on it.

So without further ado, this weeks word, or phrase, is…

Anchor Text

This refers to the text contained with a link. So for example, a link to the Leapfrogg homepage might read search marketing solutions with the underlined words being the ‘anchor text’.

A search engine uses anchor text to attach relevancy to the page of which the link points to. Therefore, the anchor text used in links to a page should match the content.

OK, 5.30 Friday afternoon. It must be time for Guinness!

Until next week…

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