Why Leapfrogg Think Small is Beautiful Too

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I was reading an interesting blog post this morning from Matt Mcgee on Search Engine Land on Why the SEO Industry Needs Small Businesses. He discussed that the search engine industry needs smaller business to continue to thrive as the bigger business that most believe is more profitable will start to decline as more and more search is brought in house.

In addition to this he stated that more and more small businesses will start to see the potential in online marketing and so this potential client base will grow.

We totally agree with Matt here at Leapfrogg and in fact have right from our conception 4 years tailored our entire business and future plans around providing our services to the SME industry. We have always understood the importance of the SME market for our industry and while many of our competitors are all competing for the larger clients we have been quietly but significantly growing with the SME market.

Here is why we have focused our entire business around working with the smaller guys.

1) When working with SMEs the work we do really makes a difference to their success as a company. So many times we have worked with a smaller company and helped them to grow their revenue and profit significantly through the web. Because we really care about our clients that gives us a nice warm feeling in our tummies.

2) The smaller budgets that our clients have compared to the big boys has challenged us and although at times frustrated us, has pushed us to be creative and innovative in our approach to what we do. This has helped us to shape our services for the better

3) When working with a smaller company we tend to deal with one point of contact who is responsible for all marketing activity. This enables us to get work implemented quicker than if we were working with multiple departments. When you couple this with the fact that we provide one point of contact for our clients and ensure there is one team of specialists working on any account all the time, this allows everyone to have a full understanding of the campaign and it’s requirements at all times

4) Working on more smaller campaigns than less large ones allows for more diversity in our industry knowledge as well as giving our staff more stimulation

The above are just a few of the reasons why Leapfrogg think “small is beautiful.” Add to this the fact that the SME market, is much larger, stable, and at the moment less competitive we reckon we are on to a winner.

Leapfrogg and our SME clients are just one big happy family and long may it continue!!!

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