Search Marketing Word of the Week (15)

After a much deserved break, the frogg is back and chomping at the bit to share his worldly search knowledge. His regular word of the week post seeks to explain common search terminology in a straightforward manner.

So this weeks word is…


Ahh, not a word but a number!

Imagine for a moment you have just moved home. One of the many tasks you face is redirecting you mail. You let the Post Office know your new address and ‘hey presto’ your post is forwarded on.

A ‘301 redirect’ does exactly the same thing when a page of content has changed address. They most commonly come into play when a website is being re-developed. In an ideal world, urls would remain the same on the new site as on the old. However, this is not always feasible, normally due to a change in technology or platform. Therefore, when the address of a page changes in this way, a 301 redirect informs the search engine of the permanent move.

Until next week…

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