Is it a Leap year? It is for the frogg!!!

Following on from the previous post we at Leapfrogg wanted to wish our readers a Happy New Year!!!

We hope 2008 brings you all much prosperity both business and personal.

We at Leapfrogg have a few new years’ resolutions we would like to share with you.

  • To continue to provide an excellent service in the field of search marketing
  • To delve into even more creative ways of gaining our clients visibility across the web
  • To extend our offerings in all aspects of social media
  • Continued extensive research into the field of search marketing
  • To make sure we are on top of our game with new technologies e.g. mobile (should it ever take off)
  • To persuade ALL our clients to become more active in video and audio content on their sites
  • To continue to grow as a company whilst maintaining our extremely high and personable levels of customer service
  • To be the best we possibly can in everything we do
  • To ensure we remain a great company to work for
  • To make our clients as much money as possible
  • To develop this blog as one of the top resources for SME’s wanting to learn about and develop skills in search marketing

We are delighted to reveal we grew by 215% in 2007 and our Leapfrogg staff family grew by 200%. We hope that is testament to the great service we provide our clients.

In 2008 we aim to continue this level of growth by providing our bespoke search marketing service to more and more SME’s, helping them grow their companies too by the power of the Internet!!

So here is to a prosperous 2008 please feel free to share any of your resolutions with us too!!

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