Goodbye 2007, hello 2008 – what have you got in store?

Well, an eventful 2007 is behind us. The Froggers (including a couple of newbies!) have just about recovered from the excesses of the Christmas and New Year period, are back behind their desks and ready for another exciting year ahead.

So what does 2008 hold in store? Will the bubble burst for Google allowing Yahoo, MSN or Ask to make in-roads? Or will it be the turn of a new search engine, such as Powerset , Cuill or Hakia to challenger the big boys?

Will mobile marketing finally take off (at the beginning of each year for as along as I can remember, predictions have been that mobile marketing’s time has come – each year passes and it just doesn’t happen – I don’t expect 2008 to be any different!)?

Will growth continue for the big social media players, such as Facebook and YouTube or will we will see a more segmented market with specialist sites popping up dedicated to specific areas of interest?

What about personalised and unified search? We have already seen Google pulling back on its roll out of Universal (no doubt because tests have shown fewer people clicking on its adverts!). How will Google replicate, if not better, Ask 3D whilst retaining valuable click revenue?

What’s the next big thing? Last years most prominent event was the massive growth in the popularity of social networking, and in particular the numbers signing up to Facebook. Will there be another new kid on the block who makes quite such an impact (and sees their company valued at some astronomical figure on the basis of ‘potential’ when in actual fact nobody quite knows how to unlock the revenue streams…Facebook worth $2billion….pleeeease!??).

I see little point in making too many predictions in response to the questions above. I had a stab at it last year and I found myself to be wrong in most cases. Needless to say though it’s set to another exciting and groundbreaking year for search so whatever happens the Froggblog will be here to provide our take and off the back of that, advice for SME’s.

So goodbye 2007 and hello 2008 – I am sure there a few people locked away in labs somewhere who have a pretty good idea of what they would like to happen in 2008 – the rest of us are just going to have to wait and see!

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