First Blogs and 2008

Making an initial blog post can be a little scary to say the least, however as a new member to the Leapfrogg team it is a necessity! Starting at the beginning my name is Laurence, I’m originally from London and have lived in Brighton for nearly four years now. I came to Leapfrogg with a background in business development and project management and have taken the job as the new account manager.

Along with Claire, an SEM trainee, we are the tenth and eleventh members of the Leapfrogg clan and are still waiting to find our niches. I thought it could be an idea to look over the predictions for 2008 as there seems to be a number of new areas opening up, as well as an expected change to the models of last year’s businesses. The surge of social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo has been huge and backed by an almost as large number of strange and vague mission statements. With so many out there surely not all will survive with large enough communities of users to make them truly viable in the sense that the majority of your friends and colleagues etc. are all on there together. Yet this could herald more integrated ‘widgety’ applications and sites, through which you can control your whole online presence and receive all feeds in one screen. This must stop at some point though; surely there isn’t enough venture capital out there to fund all the new companies and their ideas?

Quite appropriately then maybe 2008 will be a year for seeing which of these companies survive and prosper whilst also closely watching the newly established giants and how they settle after such rapid growth. The start of mobile based applications such as Zkout, which is coming out of private testing during Q1 this year, will advent a change in where and how we can access information. For sites like Facebook they must evolve into something with is truly sustainable, rather than lose out to the next big thing. Unsurprisingly things are going to change in 2008, it’s just a matter of how. So folks, keep your eyes peeled and come back for the next instalment!

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