NORAD tracks Santa and his Reindeer across the Globe!

I am just sitting here on a chilly Xmas eve in the office and came across this post about NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) who track Santa’s progress around the globe as he delivers his presents. The Commission manages this purely on sponsorship and has been doing this since 1955. The technology behind this wonderful idea, would put most military manoeuvre’s to shame. A multitude to satellites, radar and even a jet fighter are used, just to be absolutely sure Donner and Rudolph don’t give NORAD’s Santa Tracking command tower the slip.

Thousands of volunteers at NORAD work over Xmas eve and answer calls and emails from children who wish to to help them track Santa, just in case Rudolph’s nose disappears off the radar screens.

You can follow Santa’s progress here with Santa Tracking or watch Santa’s Progress in 3D on Google Earth. He is in Russia at the moment delivering presents there, so it all looks to be on track for him to get to the UK for 12.00pm tonight.

Merry Xmas from Leapfrogg

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