Ad Scheduling on Yahoo – SORRY YOU CAN’T!

Why – oh – why does Yahoo not have the functionality to ad-schedule/day part?

I was setting up a campaign this week and was astounded by the fact that they did not provide this feature.

Google Adwords allows you to schedule your ads to run at any time of day, and on any day of the week.

MSN Adcenter allows you schedule your ads to run on any day of the week and will let you set the times of day but within the specific times:

3 AM – 7 AM (early morning)
7 AM – 11 AM (morning)
11 AM – 2 PM (midday)
2 PM – 6 PM (afternoon)
6 PM – 11 PM (evening)
11PM – 3 AM (late night)

This obviously does not give you as much control as Google, but still provides you with an option.

Panama’s launch this year (in the UK) was supposed to try to get some way in closing the significant gap between itself and Google. With basic features like this missing, I think they still have a long way to go!

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