The Froggblog in 2008!

The Froggblog has made great strides in the last few months. But we know it can be better. Therefore, we had a long and fruitful meeting yesterday to discuss where we believe we currently sit in the ‘blogosphere‘ and where we want to be in 2008. So here goes…

First and foremost, identity. Is it completely clear who the blog is aimed at? We certainly know but what about our readers and potential readers? Well, we specialise in providing search engine marketing solutions for small to medium sized companies. It therefore only makes sense that we blog about search engine marketing from this angle. We want to help small business owners to grasp the basics of search with regular ‘tit bits’, advice and information, whilst also providing commentary, aimed at the industry, covering our thoughts on the latest trends and developments. So the first change we made was to the blogs’ introduction:

‘Search engine marketing advice for SME’s – from your side of the pond!

A virtual lily pad of thoughtful tit bits, advice and observations by dedicated professionals.’

Secondly, personality. We want you to get to the know the ‘Froggers!’; their unique personalities, their role within the Leapfrogg team, their experiences, the challenges they face, their ideas and points of view.

So next up, out came the camera, make up on(!!?) and pictures taken. No doubt you have noticed our mugshots just to the right hand side…what a pretty lot we are eh?

In addition, each of the contributors to the blog are going to provide more detail in their profiles about themselves and their role within the organisation. We want each team member to contribute to the blog by coming at it from their specific angle. By understanding each of the Froggers unique skills we hope our readers will know where to turn for specific information.

So for example, Simon is our link building and social media man; keep a look out for his regular, rather tongue in cheek diary of a link builder posts. Suzanne loves anything to do with usability, Amelia is our PPC Manager, Andrew heads the SEO team and Christos, as our Senior Account Manager, faces the daily challenge of ensuring that our clients grasp the often confusing and ever-evolving theories in search marketing. He’s great with analogies so expect some rather interesting, and often amusing, posts. Claire will soon be moving from account management to our SEO team; she’ll be telling you all about her experiences as an SEO trainee when she starts her new role in the New Year.

And what about the Directors? Well Rosie, the MD, is one of the few female owners of a search engine marketing agency we know. As well as sharing with you her vast knowledge with regular tips of the week she’ll tell you all about the challenges of managing a company which has seen growth of 780% in the last four years!

And me…Ben…well as Sales Director, alongside the odd regular post, such as ‘word of the week’, I’ll share with you my thoughts on many different search related subjects. Its worth noting, I like the occasional moan so if something winds me up I’ll vent my anger on the blog!

The main objective in 2008 is to show you the extent of our knowledge across all areas of search engine marketing whilst also demonstrating our down to earth nature. We think there are one or two out there who take search engine marketing, and their opinions, just a little too seriously. The Froggblog is here to lighten the mood, whilst providing advice, ideas, and opinions all with the small to medium sized company in mind.

So expect plenty of change around these parts in the coming weeks and months. Roll on 2008!

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