Search Tip of the Week (9)

This weeks tip is related to building links. We put our heads together and decided what we think is the MOST important thing to do when conducting a link campaign.

We decided without a doubt it’s “Get Personal!”

By this we mean make the effort to contact each webmaster you are trying to set up a link with, with a personal email or telephone call. We put together the following tips

  • Take the time to find out who the right person is to contact on the site you want to approach for a link.
  • Address them by name in your email
  • Don’t just send a blanket email, talk about the site, prove you have visited it. Mention specific content on the site that you like
  • Don’t be afraid to do a little sucking up
  • Follow up email correspondence with a phone call
  • We often get responses from webmasters saying how nice it is to get a personalised email and how much generic link spam they still get. We get the link because we bothered to make the effort!!!

    Remember, treat others how you would be treated yourself!!!!

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