Search Tip of the Week (10)

This week we thought that we would give you our top 6 tips for submitting a press release online.

Submitting your press releases online can give you instant exposure to numerous journalists, get you featured in online news portals and increase the number of relevant links to your site.

However it is important that you don’t just take your offline press releases and submit them online as they are. There are a number of ways you can tailor them to suit the online realm.

1) Select a few search terms related to both your company and release that you would like your site/press release to rank for.

2) Make sure you select an online press release submission service that allows you to place hyperlinks within the copy.

3) Build those terms into the main copy of your release and if possible hyperlink them through to the relevant page on your site (not just the home page.

4) Build your most important search term into the title of your release. This is because you will find that in most cases that title text will be the text that is used in th title eof the web page your release will be found on. This will help it to show for relevant searches on news port.

5) Make sure you have your full contact details within your release. It may be obvious but some online submission services dont have the facility to add them to your release separately and you want to make sure that journalists and bloggers can contact you easily.

6) Make sure the online submission service you select not only get automatically spidered by the major news portals, but is also proactive in sending your release to relevant journalists and bloggers.

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