Search Marketing Word of the Week (11)

As we near the end of another busy week it can mean only one thing…’search marketing word of the week’ of course!

This weeks word is…


No, not the one you look in ‘Mr Vain’

Mirror in the context of search marketing relates to an identical website hosted on a different address. So for example, and In times gone by, and sadly even to this day, search engine ‘spammers‘ have attempted to monopolise the search engine results page (SERP) by creating multiple versions of the same site hosted on different addresses. The search engines got wise to this tactic and although you are unlikely to be penalised for ‘mirrored’ content, the duplicated sites are almost certainly going to be ignored. And of course, link popularity may well be diluted between the different domains – how is anybody supposed to know which version of the site to link to!!

So, a tip for you. Create one site, on one address and if you happen to own variations of the domain, ensure you point them at the main site.

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Mirroring and caching content is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of coping with very large amounts of web traffic, and certainly should not be ruled out when thinking about website deployment!

    If you need to use mirroring but want to avoid any possible confusion with search engines, then consider only mirroring things like images, javascripts, stylesheets and other non-spiderable media.

    The bulk of your web traffic could be happily served from as many mirrors as you like on any domain you choose without sending any passing spiders off in a huff 😉

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