Search Marketing Word of the Week (8)

I know our regular readers are on the edge of their seats waiting for this weeks search marketing word (or phrase) so I will keep you waiting no longer.

Despite my jovial tone there is a good reason for this regular post.

But if you are already an avid fan of this regular Friday afternoon slot, your wait is over.

Frogg, a letter please…


OK, one of our favourite phrases here at Leapfrogg

‘White Hat’

So what the devil does a hat have to do with search marketing. Let me explain.

‘White hat’optimisers follow published search engine guidelines and do not attempt to game the system by adopting techniques which work against these guidelines. Such techniques, labelled ‘black hat’, are used as a means to try and manipulate search engine results.

With ‘white hat’ SEO there is also a conscious effort to adopt a content-based approach designed to improve the value of the site to its target audience, not just the search engine.

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