Search Marketing Word of the Week (7)

If you are looking for a straightforward explanation of the many terms and phrases banded about in the wonderful world of search marketing, this is the regular blog post for you. Every Friday our wonderful frogg provides us with a letter. We then pick a word or phrase and spell out what it means…in plain English!

So without further ado, a letter, or maybe even letters please…


…and R

OK, I give you ‘Bounce Rate’

Any half decent web analytics package will provide bounce rate data. The bounce rate measures, as a percentage, the number of visitors who enter a webpage but then leave without viewing any further pages.

In theory, having a high bounce rate is not a good thing. It means there is undoubtedly something wrong with the page itself if it fails to encourage the visitor to navigate further through the site.

However, it cannot account for certain instances, such as the visitor who finds the content of a page appealing, and because your contact details are visible on the page, they simply do not need to navigate any further. You’ve sold them on the content and they’ve picked up the phone!

Therefore, be careful in making assumptions based purely on bounce rate data.

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