Roll up Roll up you search marketing enthusiasts!!

We are currently recruiting for 2 SEM Trainees and a SEM Account Manager with or without industry experience to join our wonderful team here at Leapfrogg. If you think you have what it takes to make it in the world of Internet Marketing, we would love to hear from you, or if you know anyone who would be interested in working for us please point them in our direction. You can find full job specs and information on how to apply on the Jobs page of our website.

For those of you that apply or make it to interview stage, here are our top 5 tips for impressing us to help you on your way:

Spell Check your CV! – You would be amazed at how many CVs we get sent with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This is a BIG NO for us; you won’t even be considered for interview. (Well, maybe one or two mistakes might get through, but some CVs are horrendous!) Come on guys, use the Spell Check!!!

Research – Make sure you have a good read of our website; we want you to be interested in working for Leapfrogg because you think we are a great company you can grow with. Coming to an interview unprepared and expecting us to tell you what we do is not cool!

Dress to impress – As with most new media companies our dress code is informal, but we want to see you make an effort. First impressions count!!

Be confident – Interviews are scary for all of us but if you come prepared and just be yourself it will go along way with us. Personality fit is just as important as your skills!

Time Keeping – Don’t be too early or too late. Arriving about 10 minutes before the interview is good for us.

Good luck with your application

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