6 Reasons why good link builders make great lovers:

1. A good link builder appreciated the necessity of sharing. With a good link builder, it’s not all about take take take, but he offers reciprocal links to quality and complimentary resources – he shares the love to enhance the experience for everyone.

2. A good link builder is personal in his emails, referring to webmasters by their first name and establishing an informal repour – call it foreplay if you will.

3. A good link builder will call back and follow up any communication between link partners. One night stands mean nothing to a good link builder, as a link partner can be called upon again in future.

4. A good link builder will incorporate methods they perhaps have never tried before including link baiting and the penetration of social media in order to spice up the campaign. A good link builder appreciates that monotony is not going to get anywhere, but by keeping the experience fresh and exciting he knows he will succeed.

5. A good link builder is honest, will not say “it’s not you, it’s me” and won’t string a webmaster along by dangling an offer of a reciprocal link in front of them, only to withdraw when their link is live. A good link builder either wants you, or he doesn’t.

6. Of course the matter of paid links might cause some critics to consider the notion of prostitution, however I consider paid links to be like massage oils, ‘toys’, and lingerie in that they serve – providing they are good quality – to enhance the campaign. A good link builder, and a lover, knows this.

Please note, that whilst I have used the term ‘He’, I refer to and include all link builders whether they be men or women and in addition, I feel I have to add that whilst at Leapfrogg, I go far in my quest for high quality links, there are some things that I just won’t do…

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