Search Tip of the Week (5)

OK so what golden nugget of information can we depart this week? Perhaps we can give you the quickest and most reliable method of finding out what other web sites on the Internet link to your site.

Whatever you do don’t rely on the information Google gives you when you type in The sites listed when using this command in no way represent what sites Google really has as listed as linking to your site. For reasons beyond the rest of us Google are keeping their cards close to their chest on this one. However we do recommend you take the time to sign up for the Google Webmaster Central suite that gives you a much more accurate picture as well as lots of other really useful information about how Google views and indexes your site.

For those who haven’t managed to set up the Webmaster Central tool yet or want to do a bit of link research on sites that they don’t have access to, those fair folk at Yahoo offer a great free tool called “Site Explorer” that gives you a much better snapshot.

Just pop your URL into the box and hey presto you get a list of both internal pages that link to your pages AND those external sites that link to you. Use the links at the top of the list to toggle between them.

You can also then use the drop down boxes to filter out results for the entire site or just a specific page. All very useful stuff!!

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