Search Tip of the Week (4)

The tip this week is pretty straightforward but we are amazed at how many companies and individuals still claim that it is a necessary chore to submit, and regularly resubmit, a site to the major search engines.

So let’s put this one to bed…there is no need to submit your site to any of the major search engines. Search engines compile their databases through the process of spidering. A spider (robot, bot, crawler) is a program used by search engines to follow links from web page to web page. As it goes on its merry travels it takes a copy of each page to store in its index. Even if you are launching a brand, spankin’ new website it will usually be found by search engines pretty quickly. Gone are the days when search engines, most notably Google, only spidered once a month. We have seen some new sites spidered within hours.

Even more so, there is absolutely no need to regularly resubmit to any of the major search engines. It is remarkable to still see so many companies selling submission and resubmission services when they are so completely unnecessary. If you build links to your site and establish a degree of trust with the major search engines, they will regularly revisit your site through the process of spidering. Continually resubmitting your site over and over again to any of the major engines is only going to serve to annoy them! In fact, its debatable as to whether sites are even fed into the system having been submitted through a form such as Googles.

So, if you are ever offered a submission or indeed resubmission service, run a mile!!

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