Search Marketing Word of the Week (5)

It’s Friday afternoon so it means just one thing…

Its word of the week time! If you would like to know what this is all about, please have a peep at the first post.

So, Frogg, let’s have this weeks letter please…


…and D

Two letters eh?

OK, G and D…I know only one phrase and that is…

‘Google Dance’

Many moons ago, it was reputed that Google’s spider was unleashed across the web roughly once a month. At this time, website owners would study the search engine results pages’ (SERP’s) with great interest (and often anxiety) to monitor any change in position for their keywords. Why? Because during this time, Google would update a number of ranking factors that could result in a website jumping up the listings or on the other hand, moving downwards. Nowadays, Google is constantly updating it’s index so spiders are always on the move. For a popular and trusted site no longer do you have to wait for the once monthly ‘dance’. We have seen many examples of new content being spidered in a matter of hours, a likely reflection of how search engines need to be for more regular in their spidering due to constantly updated information, such as blogs.

Until next week…

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