Try out these – New Social Media Sites

For those of us getting Fed up with the aggressive nature of the Diggs and long in the teeth delicious of this On line world –

Why not dive into the ocean of New Niche Social Media Sites: I’ve browsed through a whole heap of them and listed a few below. Check out the full list at: Tropical SEO’s great updated top 29 list

PlugIM is a user driven internet marketing community where users submit content, articles and comment on projects etc. The kind of stories featured are: WP-PlugIM WordPress plugin is available and Yahoo Pipes the Ultimate Splog Tool

What is sk*rt? – It’s kind of like a Girly mag in the form of a portal. The kind of stories you can find here aren’t exactly ground breaking but it does what it says on the tin. The kind of stories are: First Look at Roberto Cavalli for H&M and Can’t afford high-end designer duds: Why buy when you can rent?

Care2 – I really liked this community, it’s basically built by altruists for altruists. Dealing with matters from human rights to animal welfare and the environment it gives people the tools to not just talk about wanting to do something by actually do it. The featured articles on Care2 are: Lawmakers To Consider New Animal Torture Penalties and Child Sex Slavery Hidden 5000 Children in Britain

Videosift – This is just plain fun, its got a nice simple layout and its for people who love all kinds of video and wasting time enjoying watching them – I listed a few of my random favourites:

My favourite videos had to be:

3 guinea pigs fighting for a cucumber

Stop the bullets. Kill the gun

George Bush’s “Real” State of the Union Address

Hope that you like them!

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