Return Visitors – the art of a sticky site

We have recently updated our article “a sticky situation” that gives a set of tips and guidelines to encourage people to return to your site on a regular basis.

“The average web surfer is a fickle creature, flitting from one website to the next in search of information. Research has shown that a visitor to a website will make a decision on whether they are going to stay within the first few seconds. OK, so you have employed all of the design tricks that are going to capture your visitors’ attention; but are they enough? How do you keep their attention? More importantly how do you persuade them to come back for a repeat visit?”

Here are our main tips;

  • Keep your website content up to date. No one will remember your website above others if it has information that is out of date.
  • Provide your visitors with useful tools. Are there any tools that the type of person who visits your website might find useful?
  • Get tagged! Make it as easy as possible for people to tag your site or add it to their accounts by having social bookmarking buttons on your site such as “Add to” or “Digg This.”
  • Newsletters; offering regular, free information and advice is a great way of forming an ongoing relationship with potential customers.
  • Utilise email marketing. Marketing to your previous site visitors by email will increase the chances of them returning to your site.
  • Turn your website into an information portal.
    The more useful information you can give them, the more they will view you as an authority and return back to your site to utilise those links on a regular basis.

These are our tips in brief.

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