Problems with Yahoo Panama

We have had real problems with our newly migrated panama accounts this week. We were only able to navigate around the site for a maximum of 20 minutes before it would completely freeze up. Then when the account was frozen, we were unable to access anything within the Panama interface.

Speaking to Yahoo, they suggested that it may be problems with IE7 or Firefox, or even our internet connection. This confused us somewhat.

After about 3 hours of pulling our hair out (I am nearly bald now – used to have very long hair!) we found that it was a problem with the Panama login that we had initially bookmarked. When upgrading each account to Panama, you are taken directly to the new Panama login screen which asks you to bookmark it. As I took little notice of the login, I did not notice the length of the URL which was a lengthy dynamic url with many parameters. We then decided to try a version of the URL without the dynamic part:

And…Bob’s your uncle! We had access to our accounts again! Thank God!

So, If anyone is having System Error with a newly migrated Panama account I would recommend re-bookmarking the login above, and then re-logging in. You may well find this is the answer to all your problems!

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  1. Hi. This is the main technical problem we have had with the new system. However, in terms of functionality and automatic “improvements” which were made to the campaign – we have had a lot of problems.

    A big issue that we had when migrating all accounts over was the auto-ad groups that Panama insist on placing the keywords into. This has meant that Ad group 001 and Ad group 007 have been created with ad copy which was created specificially for an individual keyword. I am now trying to mirror our Google account structures in Yahoo, getting rid of their new stucture.

    We have also found the management of our client’s ad positions awfully difficult. Speaking to Yahoo countless times they have said that I should pay less attention to the actual positioning of our clients’ ads, and more attention to the quality of the ad and the landing page. Obviously the ad and the landing page need to be of good quality, but it now seems that I am blind bidding on terms, and have very little control over whether i am in first position or 10th position. Obviously our number one objective is to find the optimum price structure (and position) for our clients, so that they pay the smallest amount possible for as many conversions. Frustratingly, this now means that in the upcoming months our average CPC’s for Yahoo campaigns are mostly likely to rise, whether proportionally or disporportionally to conversions – well we can only wait and see.

    I hope this answered your question.

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