Meet me in the ‘middle ground’!

Isn’t about time that web designers, usability experts and search marketers learnt to get along and strive for the same goal?

If we are going to continue to drive this industry forward and raise standards we need to unite and agree on one common goal; a dedication to producing the very best in design, functionality and online marketing strategies for our CLIENTS! Because it is the client that matters, not our ego’s. Sometimes this means some compromise from one party or the other, or both, but this compromise should be with the clients business and their objectives at heart. Its their business and it’s their money paying for your expertise. However, all too often, dated and unfounded opinions of search marketing are standing in the way.

I know there has been a lot of coverage about this exact kind of issue but my rant comes about having spoken with one or two web designers recently, one claiming that ‘SEO is not marketing’. These sorts of comments are not only whole-heartedly wrong, they are also extremely unhelpful. How can we work alongside one another to meet a common goal if SEO cannot even be acknowledged as a marketing activity…and when implemented properly a damn good one as well, in fact possibly THE most targeted form of marketing there is!

I have always said that there is a big middle ground (and I mean BIG!) where good design, usability and ‘on the page’ SEO can meet (especially as there is so much cross over between usability and ‘on the page’ SEO anyway!).

It is essential that we are all prepared to meet somewhere in this middle ground – its a big space, I promise you! We have worked on numerous projects, with some great web designers and usability experts who acknowledge SEO and understand that if done in the right way it really does deliver the most fantastic ROI.

The result of all of this…good looking, functional websites that rank well and convert visitors into sales. And the result of this…happy clients who shout your name from the rooftops leading to a strong reputation and free leads! Everyone is a winner, nobody loses!

So come one and all; designers, developers, usability experts, accessibility professionals and search marketers – Leapfrogg are currently relaxing in the ‘middle ground’ so come and join us! It really is a most fantastic place where happy clients reside and successful new media companies flourish!

OK, rant over for today!

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