Google Street View – New fleet of Chevy Cobalts

I read with excitement this morning about Google’s new fleet of Chevy Cobalts, specially equipped with cameras to shoot Street Views for Google Maps.

Google Street View, if you haven’t already seen, it provides an excellent interface allowing the user to navigate around streets, look at monuments or shop fronts for example throughout its current 5 destinations, which include Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami and New York.

Whilst Street View has been in the media recently for capturing nude sunbathers and husbands coming out of porn shops, Street view, despite the offend overiding concerns for piracy remains an excellent application to go and explore individual destinations, particularly if you wish to find out what is in or around the area.

How long before we see some Chevy’s over this side of the Atlantic let’s hope it won’t be long. A Google spokeswoman commented: “We are constantly working to provide Street View imagery for more regions.”


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