Friday Fun with Search Engine Optimisation Songs

Hello, Pop-Pickers… I don’t think I need to beat around the bush with this blog entry, as I am sure it will speak volumes, whether of course you will be cringing is another matter!.

Now, if only to inject a ray of sunshine into the office before the weekend, the Leapfrogg team have devised a top 10 list of SEO songs* for your pleasure….

10. (Google) Dancing in the Street – Mick Jagger & David Bowie

9. Streaming Windows – Tina Turner

8. Looking out for links – Fleetwood Mac

7. Confide in PPC – Kylie Minogue

6. I’m Still Ranking – Elton John

5. Ain’t No Ranking High Enough – Diana Ross

4. Nothing Compares to YouTube – Sinead O’Conner

3. How Deep is Your Link? – Bee Gees/ Take That

2. Smooth Optimiser – Sade

And this weeks number 1, based on relevance, quality and PR ranking is………

1. Google Earth Song – Michael Jackson

* Please note these songs are not available to purchase, which I suppose we can be thankful for… But of course if you have any other ideas, suggestions or video clip renditions then we would be more than happy to receive them.

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