5 Tips on feeding wild Google Popularity Algorithms

1) Try basic link Food:

Previous observations of the wild Google Popularity Algorithm (GPA) will give you an idea of its feeding habits; feeding directories are a good place to start. Place some nice fresh links from your website on these directories, making sure that they don’t carry any nasty link spam as these delicate creatures hate spam and will most likely run and hide from any future food offerings.

2) Use specialist Food sources:

There are a number of Wild GPA trackers and experienced handlers about, it’s a good idea to communicate with these enthusiast’s and ask them for some of their GPA food until yours ripens, if you are genuine about your passion for the GPA and friendly they will help you, and may even invite you into their society and you can feed the wild GPA’s together. Make sure you get all kinds of specialist food on your site and open all the windows, very soon the wild GPA will smell this and come and have a taste.

3) Join a Google Popularity Algorithm Club:

Another way is to join an organised society and get them to place your food around to entice the GPA’s for you, since they know where they hide this is easy for them. They will only do this if they find your food interesting and if they do not, they will keep all the GPA’s for themselves.

4) Check your bait:

A way of checking if the wild GPA’s like the food you have placed around is to check for bites or clicks. This isn’t an accurate measurement and would probably have to be used in conjunction with other things.

5) Search in the Blog Grass:

A recent enthusiast has noticed that the wild GPA’s tend to show a great interest in areas of Cyberia called blogs, they seem to trust the blogs and spend time their feeding and it’s rumoured that they like human interaction.

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