LeapFrogg Summer Outing: Goodwood ’07

Friday 15th June saw the Leapfrogg team enjoy a luxury summer picnic within Chichester’s Bishop’s Palace Gardens before heading over to the horse racing at Goodwood.

Nestled on top of the Sussex Downs, Goodwood is internationally acclaimed as one of the most beautiful racecourses in the world and provided an outstanding setting to absorb the electric atmosphere, whilst reviewing the costs and benefits of betting on either the favourite or an outsider.

Despite winning 80p on the first race it was a relatively unlucky evening for me personally, whilst other members of staff including Christos and Ben were more fortunate. However the evening was great, with fantastic weather and plenty of opportunities to enjoy a cold pint after my first week here at Leapfrogg.

Yet even after the last race, conversation slipped back to the implications of Google’s take over of DoubleClick, whether the major such engines might develop a feature to ‘bury’ poor and spam related websites and if the term ‘Google it’ should be replaced with ‘Yahoo it’.
Conclusions must then reside with the notion that not even for a night can you take the Leapfrogg staff away from the Internet…

To view our photos, check out our Flickr account.

Or if you would like more information on Goodwood, check out their website here:


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