Facebook out of control? perhaps.

Reading Jeremy Zawodny’s blog this morning instantly brought feelings that social networking site Facebook is getting out of control, but not in the fact of user addiction, more so in how the once slick and clean layout and operation of Facebook is evolving.

Since Facebook launched their own API (application program interface) last August numerous user profile have become crowded with new applications including fortune cookies, graffiti tools and ‘rate my photo’ buttons to name but 3 of the 1190 applications currently in existence.

The chaotic profiles reminiscent of a teenager’s bedroom wall spring to mind, but isn’t this just like Myspace?

The beauty of using Facebook, in my eyes, is about be able to network, speak to people you miss from school or perhaps drop your loved one a “poke”… but what of the other applications? Do we really need all these mindless button and tools to occupy our time when it would probably be better to step away from our screens and go and see our friends in person?

Would common sense indicate that Facebook’s business model relies upon advertising revenue, and thus requires substantial levels of page impressions and clicks? Argh.. perhaps that is why we are expected to spend 24 hours a day on our profiles….

The following image is one from my Facebook profile that my partner added using the graffiti application which she and her friends all love…. hilarious.

But is Facebook getting out of control? well I would love to finish with a conclusion but I am afraid I have just received an email from Facebook that has drawn my attention … something about a TripAdvisor application that wishes to know which cities I have visited…… Blimey!

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