Everybody’s Talking about the new Google Analytics!

We all recently had a little bit of a shock when we saw the new Beta Google Analytics. After mastering the old one we now had to learn where everything was again and also get to grips with some new data.

So has it been improved or is this just a makeover?

Well after using it for the last couple of weeks and talking with a number of clients I would say that it seems to be a resounding success. I was sceptical at first but with every day I am discovering new things which please my little analytical mind more and more.

So some key improvements I have found are:

1. It looks slick and seems to perform even slicker.
2. We can now see the elusive average time on the site which was mysteriously missing from the old analytics!
2. We now have even more detail related to keywords, including pages per visit, average time, new visits and bounce rates.
4. We can now see separate data for all paid and non paid search engine traffic.
5. The new navigational analysis tool is great and you can see more data on where users came from and went to!

I am discovering more and more by the day and can only say that I have been very pleasantly surprised by Google this time!

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