Who Actually Reads Blogs?

Probably not who you’d guess – they’re wealthier and most likely balding for a start

Most of us probably imagine the typical blog reader as some trendy student type, stabbing at the keyboard over a pan of cold beans and lager. A recent survey conducted by Blogads, has discovered the opposite. The demographic are older, wiser, richer, discerning, well informed and decision makers.

Out of the 17,159 blog visitors that took part in the May 2006 survey, 40 percent of them earn around $90,000 or equivalent, 61% were over 30 years old, exactly 37% being 41 to 60 with under 10 percent being in their teens and earlier twenties and 75% of them were male. It also showed that most of them read blogs because they had news they could not find else where and for a better more Honest perspective. 17% of them are bloggers themselves, and the reason they blogged was to Keep track of their thoughts, let off steam or Formulate ideas.

(unfortunately only 15% used blogs to smite enemies which I think has huge potential) 1.7% of those questioned were CEO’s, 4.95% were Judges, 8.87% were retired and only 5% are students and most of them read National Geographic or Liberal Political journals.

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