iGoogle…..perhaps you might like to too

Google posted on their official blog yesterday the launch of the new igoogle. In a nutshell they have renamed the personalised home page that has been available for a while and added a few new features.

Once you have a Google account, you can use it to sign in and create your own personalised home page. There are literally hundreds of feeds and gadgets that you can choose from and add easily ranging from news feeds, quote of the day, Jamie Oliver recipes to sticky note pads and calculators.

Hey you could even add our Froggblog feed to your home page!!!!

In addition to this you can have a number of tabs with different types of feeds. Perhaps you might want weather and news on your home page and then have a tab for work related feeds, or fun stuff for your lunch hour?

Not the mention the fact you can make it pretty by choosing from a number of themes.

Here is an example:

Now we think this is quite a cool tool. Of course there are the ongoing concerns of the Google Big Brother Syndrome. If you don’t want Google knowing what you are searching for just don’t activate the search history option for Google to provide you with personalised search results based on past searches.

The latest tool they have introduced is the ability to create your own gadgets, upload to your own home page and share with friends and family.

This means anyone can create a gadget without any knowledge of web development. This is certainly taking social media to the masses and could also provide a way for small businesses to create cool tools relating to their business that could help to spread the word about them online.

Put your own mini blog on other peoples computers, give them a count down to a big sale you are having, or feed pictures of your latest products. The possibilities are endless.

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