Feather & Black case study


Feather & Black is a leading supplier of luxury bedroom furniture and accessories.

The brand tasked us to create and execute an integrated insight-led search strategy aimed at meeting brand building, customer acquisition, and sales objectives, with an emphasis on improving the customer experience at each stage of their buying journey.


Our strategy was driven by customer insight to understand their target audience and how buying behaviours and journeys differ by product type using analytics data, customer surveys, and profiling techniques.

Through this insight, we discovered that new customers would begin their research online before visiting a store to make the purchase. Therefore, our paid search campaign supported in-store promotions and clearance events for high ticket items by targeting non-brand search terms within an agreed radius of each store.

Geo-targeted ads, along with downloadable vouchers offering incentives for new customers, allowed us to join the dots between online activity and store visits, and, therefore, measure ROI from paid search with greater accuracy.

Our natural search strategy focused primarily on new customer acquisition by targeting non-brand keywords based on their revenue potential. We ran a content planning workshop aimed at identifying themes, key messages and formats of content to inspire, educate and inform new customers as they moved along the conversion path from awareness to purchase. We then ran creative and experiential campaigns to empower influencers to create content to showcase the brand and their products to build brand awareness.

Supporting all of this activity, remarketing campaigns were triggered based on an understanding of time lags between research, consideration and purchase stages, especially for higher ticket items.


Paid search

  • A 24% increase in revenue YoY
  • The non-brand campaign finished the year 26.83% ahead of target. The brand and local campaigns were on target
  • The overall return-on-advertising-spend for the year was an outstanding 1:34

Natural Search

  • 45% year-on-year increase in natural search traffic