How happy are your customers?

53% of consumers state it is important that brands offer them a personalised shopping experience*.

But for brands, this is only possible if you know what makes your customers tick in the first place. After all, everyone’s different so traditional profiling tools are limited.

Therefore, a deep understanding of customer behaviour, needs and expectations are critical. (Actually, it should be a hygiene factor).

Get this – according to an Adobe survey, 49% of marketers report to ‘trusting their gut’ to guide decisions on where to invest their marketing budget**. This is utter madness. It means that half of the time key decisions are not being made on the basis of what the customer actually wants but instead what the marketer feels might work. It’s just way too risky in a world where customers want a relationship with brands.

So where do we come in?

Here at Leapfrogg, we have helped premium retailers such as Dune, Crabtree and Evelyn, Agent Provocateur and Rockett St George to really understand what makes their customers happy. We’ve used those insights to help transform their retail experience – and in turn, increased both their ROI and Return on Happiness.

By identifying gaps in customer intelligence, building a complete picture of the customer and using that knowledge effectively, our clients are able to:

• Set well-informed and realistic business objectives

• Prioritise budget and resource to the most relevant parts of the customer journey

• Ensure digital marketing strategies are optimised to minimise waste and personalised to drive better ROI

• Build more meaningful relationships with customers that increase satisfaction and loyalty

Explore how we helped online homewear emporium, Rockett St George  achieve a 20% sales increase in our customer intelligence case study below:

If you’re thinking ‘Blimey, we really need to talk’ then let’s do that.