Behavioural Insight & Segmentation

Understand how your customers are interacting with you right now.

We can tell you how your customers are behaving and engaging with you right now through behavioural segmentation. How many visit your website? What channels drove them there? What do they do before or after purchasing?

This actionable insight helps you to understand the impact of any changes you make to your marketing strategy and customer experience initiatives and tracking successes.

How we do it

  • After a full analysis of the channels and touch-points that you are currently adopting to engage your customers, Leapfrogg will recommend a bespoke insight plan with a range of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure for each touch-point.
  • Once the KPIs and metrics are agreed, Leapfrogg will use a combination of analytics tools to measure and benchmark current customer behaviour and if possible, (data dependant), track historical patterns in behaviour.
  • As retail specialists, our behavioural analysis will always take into account seasonal patterns and product lifecycles to show you a true representation of behaviour year-on-year.
  • Once measurement has taken place Leapfrogg will provide consultancy on what the metrics show and areas where customer behaviour is negatively impacting revenue.
  • Leapfrogg will use the data in combination with our retail and marketing knowledge to make recommendations on tactics to employ to help change customer behaviour and positively impact revenue or profit.
  • Leapfrogg will then predict the impact on revenue of changes to marketing tactics. We can measure any programme of ongoing activity through a set of relevant KPIs.

Our behavioural insight is usually delivered as part of an on-going customer experience or digital marketing program.

Get in touch with a member of our team to explore how you can segment, measure and change the behaviours of your customers.