Attitudinal Insight & Psychographic Segmentation

Establish the behaviours, habits, values and lifestyle traits through psychographics to determine the emotional needs of your customers.

Through bespoke online surveys, focus groups, customer feedback and reviews, we can tell who your customers are and what they think of you. This covers all aspects of their socio-economic status, as well as their personal values, attitude and lifestyle.

This insight helps you to understand how to most effectively engage with your customers and give them both the practical and emotional experience they desire. This ‘customer-first’ approach allows you to make smarter decisions in where and how to invest your marketing budget.

How we do it

  • Leapfrogg will create a bespoke attitudinal online survey that can be sent to your customer database. The survey is designed to give you the following information about your customers or a particular customer segment:

o Socio economic data
o Life stage
o Personal values
o Shopping behaviour
o Hobbies and interests
o Buying decision influencers
o Preferred shopping channel
o The types of content most likely to engage your customers

  • In addition, Leapfrogg will run focus groups for specific customers to gain in depth qualitative data on their attitude to you as a brand, the shopping experience you offer and what would make them spend more with you.
  • The above insight combined with online sentiment analysis allows Leapfrogg to deliver a rich, customer profile for each segment. This not only provides you with a focus for your marketing efforts, but also lays the foundation for customer experience mapping.

Attitudinal customer analysis can be provided as a one-off project or as part of a full customer experience strategy.

Get in touch with a member of our team to explore how we can help you understand your customers’ needs and expectations through psychographic segmentation.