Insight and strategy


In the constantly shifting retail sector, a joined-up approach to digital marketing is essential if you are to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of your customers.

We execute digital marketing strategies driven by intelligence, not guesswork. As such, our strategists will work with you to research and analyse the key factors that impact a successful online retail marketing strategy, namely:

Your business plan and commercial objectives
We will work with you to interrogate your overarching objectives and the role that digital marketing can play in meeting them. Analysing your business plan, historical sales data and the market allows us to set targets against customer acquisition, average order values and repeat business.

Customer insight
The customer must be at the heart of your digital marketing, and wider retail, strategy. By interrogating your customer data, creating profiles and building an understanding of their needs and expectations at each stage of the buying journey, we can focus resource on the channels and activities that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Your brand identity and positioning
Understanding your brand promise, USPs and key messages will allow us to shape creative campaigns that inspire your target audience to take a desired action, such as visiting your website, making a purchase or signing up to your newsletter.

Your products
Understanding your most popular products, launch programme, pricing, average order values and margin not only helps in forecasting results, but also allows us to build creative campaigns closely aligned to your product strategy.

Your brand and online competition
Your competition online, especially in search results, often looks very different to the offline world. Detailed competitor analysis allows us to identify gaps and opportunities and pick our battles accordingly.

Leapfrogg has a unique method of collecting, consolidating and analysing data to create and execute intelligent digital marketing strategies. Our approach means we consistently drive more customers, higher average order values, increased satisfaction and revenue for some of the UK’s leading high-end retailers.

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