Digital content


Customers expect much more from your e-commerce offering than simple product descriptions. Relevant, useful and timely digital content is therefore integral to engaging your audience at every stage of their buying journey.

A customer focused and content driven approach to e-commerce helps to create a richer and more rounded website experience, which in turn aids conversion rates. Off-site content increases visibility across blogs, forums, online media and social networks, whilst building the quality links necessary to improve exposure in natural search results.

At the insight and strategy phase, we’ll work with you to develop a central content strategy.  At its core is a clear and compelling communication of your key messages that cascade into all your digital marketing channels: product descriptions, online PR, social media, and video, for example.

On an ongoing basis, we also create, optimise and market all forms of digital content, including editorial, articles, press releases and blog content.

To learn more about developing an online content strategy that engages your target audience at every stage of their buying journey, get in touch and speak to an experienced member of our team.