Customer insight

Being empathetic to your customers’ needs and expectations is essential if you are to deliver a relevant and meaningful experience. This means understanding your customers… really understanding them.

By becoming aware of online consumer behaviour and the present state and your offering from the perspective of your customers, we can help you tailor your retail strategy to their needs – creating the optimum experience to increase acquisition, conversion and retention. Using our unique customer research tools and methodologies, we can help you:

  • Identify your most important (or potentially most important) customer segments according to revenue and profitability, using techniques such as RFM (revenue, frequency, monetary) modelling.
  • Establish the behaviours, habits, values and lifestyle traits for these customer segments through attitudinal research (surveys, focus groups and interviews) and unsolicited feedback, such as reviews and social media.
  • Create highly detailed customer personas and profiles by blending transactional data and attitudinal insight.
  • Define your acquisition, retention and loyalty strategies, along with ‘bottom up’ forecasting and budget planning.

We offer the following customer insight projects:

These can be delivered ‘stand-alone’ or as part of a broader customer experience program.

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